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PRCS Corporate Material

In 1986 Pye Telecom, Cambridge was transformed into Philips Radio Communications Systems (Philips RCS or PRCS) and became the global headquarters for most of the professional radio activities in the Philips group. Following the change of company name it was necessary to re-launch the Company under the Philips brand and to change all aspects of the Company's Marketing Communications.

During the Philips RCS era, the approach to Marketing Communications became more international and organised. A structured, logical, top-down hierarchy of promotional material was created. This consisted of corporate material (corporate video, posters, calendar, corporate brochures, etc), market sector sales brochures, product brochures, product leaflets, and other sales promotional items. Over time, a consistency of corporate house style was achieved, and this was also harmonised to the parent Business Unit, Philips Telecommunications and Data Systems (TDS).

Listen to a short sound clip from the 1987 Philips RCS corporate video, titled "The 6th Sense".

First corporate brochure made for PRCS by the parent TDS Business Unit, 32 pages 1986
First PRCS own short form corporate brochure TSP1122 - 6 pages 1987.
Pages 2 & 4
Second PRCS short form corporate brochure TSP1122/2 - 6 pages 1988.
PRCS own corporate brochure issue 2 TSP1128/2 - 16 pages 1989
PRCS own corporate brochure issue 3 TSP1128/3 - 16 pages 1990
Example of PRCS Communicator magazine: Issue 3 1988

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Copy of Sui to Karachi Gas Pipeline advert reprinted in staff newsletter (1956)