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The history of the Pye Group of Companies in scientific & analytical instruments, radio & line communications, broadcasting, domestic radio & TV and industrial electronics from 1896 to the present day
The virtual museum of the Pye History Trust - Celebrating Britain’s Scientific & Industrial Heritage
Update History

The Pye History Project is an industrial history program to research, document and record the history of the Pye Group of Companies between 1896 and the present day. The long-term objective of the project is to establish or participate in a public museum which will adequately interpret and display the full extent of the scientific and technological discoveries and innovations which originated in Cambridge and the surrounding area. The Pye Group was always headquartered in Cambridge, England.

This site is therefore updated as new information is discovered and verified.

The following list covers major changes to site design, structure or content
Date Ver Details of changes
28-05-2021 v42 Changed colour scheme from Dimenso blue to Pye Blue and added new Pye brake shoe logo, based on official Pye colour book
13-06-2019 v41 New menu style. Updated homepage to cover exhibition launch and temporarily show launch images instead of Pye crest. Updated about page
15-07-2016 v40 Added draft Gas Chromatography page and images to the Pye Unicam products section.
28-06-16 v39 Updated the introduction to Pye Group history page (RJH)
23-07-2015 v38 Updated title bar. Seperated W G Pye & Unicam into two companies under Scientific Division. Moved unicam images into unicam/products subfolder. Added (short) WG Pye Timeline. Fixed broken links. Updated front page text and corrected known typos on all pages
10-07-2015 v37 Re-ordered companies in communications division sub-menu. Added Unicam company timeline. Updated Scientific intro. Moved Unicam products into products sub folder. Added Cathodeon Crystals info, company profile & MD personal account. Added Pye TVT company profile. Re-orderd consumer division menu. Added Pye Radio & TV company profile. Added more admin features
23-06-2015 v36 Added Domestic Radio & TV History draft. Optimised menu code. Added UVSpect draft page. Added Help page link to sitemap
17-06-2015 v35 Added ASV images to pye_telecom/ukhistory_pt1. Updated scientific_intro text. Added companies directory table. Added Radio Tower Corner image to telecom/history_intro. Added link to help required page on contact page
08-06-2015 v34 Transferred to Live server. Added Social History section to main menu. Added Acknowledments and Help pages. Updated About Us and contact pages. Updated history pages 1 & 2. Updated Sitemap layout. Watermarked all main images. Moved menu folder to addons.
31-05-2015 v33 Updated Search code to ver 1.3.6 and debugged. Added ICP Spectrometry page to Scientific Division. Removed Pye Telecom history part1 as duplicate of main site history. Updated Pye Telecom/UKhistory/intro & part2 text. Reduced footer font and white bar size and increased scroll size. Renamed WWII to WW2 in Pye Telecom section.
22-05-2015 v32 Created 4th level menu structure Changed order of top level menu to accomodate Pye Telecom. Added Components to Communications division. Added all larger Pye companies to menu structure. Changed Scientific menu structure from time-based to company-based. Validated code
18-05-2015 v31 Removed parts of body class blocking td formating. Added full companies directory page. Moved Pye Ether from Industrial to Analytics to match companies directory. Added companies to Industrial menu. Re-ordered menu.css contents. Validated code
16-05-2015 v30 Added narrow scrollbars. Added search function. Added introduction pages for each division (instead of main menu links). Added draft Privacy Policy. Updated CSS to PTH. Validated code
11-04-2015 v29 corrected addressing error in consumer.php. Added overseas main image. Added History pt3 main image. Tweaked aaspect.php layout. Changed page name to 21 primary companies in menu and sitemap
10-04-2015 v28 Slimline header/footer now in use. updates.php added. Renamed root components. Moved breadcrumb spacing to CSS. Added author credits/copyright to aaspect.php. Removed unused items from CSS
06-04-2015 v27 Lowlighted all menu items without content. Changed PTL link to point to Change email link. Reduced body text to 13. Trialing fixed position footer with scrolling content. All tables CSS controlled
01-04-2015 v25 Added aaspect.php (in Scientific division). Merged PTH & TPM CSS files. Added lightbox calls to head.
25-03-2015 v24 Shortened footer text. Added clickable map areas to history main image (pye structure). Fixed validation issues. Fixed 2 group product division links on index
08-03-2015 v23 Removed head information from index.php. Added links for top level divisions to main menu/sitemap. Reduced sitemap text from 12px to 11px to accomodate long scientific names. Added breadcrumb links to all pages. Corrected footer links.
05-03-2015 v22b Changed menu block widths to accomodate long scientific manu names. Moved main content table widths to css
27-02-2015 v22a Converted all active pages to PHP. Moved fixed content to includes. Reduced footer content on all sub-pages
26-02-2015 v22 Updated Copyright details in footer. Updated index, Scientific division text. Added Scientific division main image
24-02-15 v21 Changed Domestic division to Cumsumer division. Changed Radio Comms division name to to Communications. Changed home links to "index.html" for SEO. Changed dates in history section (now 6 time periods). Added 21 Primary Companies page and menu link. Added onhover change colour to breadcrumbs/sitemenu. Changed Pye Group Structure image to match order of divisions in main menu. Added Parent, Consumer, Industrial and Communications division main images. Added WG Pye main image to history_pt1
14-02-15 v20 New Introduction text on Index page. Added Group structure image on parent.html. Corrected header errors for HTML5 validation (all pages validate except for bordercolour). updated text to validate html5 trans.
13-02-15 v19 All Pages now link to history.html as Group history root page. Group history now has 5 sub-pages. Breadcrumb arrow separator changes to > symbol
10-12-2015 v18 completed 1st draft of new menu system. Added new intro text to each division page. Changed page numbering highlight to orange. Changed site menu text to grey/orange (in bold). Removed link from main division images. Created history summary page
19-01-15 v17 CSS re-ordered for reading clarity. History pagelinks now in orangee
18-01-15 v16 History summary pages now linked with pagelinks. Changed History summary breadcrumb operation. CSS updated to include pagelinks function. Sitemap updated with new history summary pages. Added captions for 3 images on history summary pt1
16-01-15 v15 Directory name structure changed to division. Image structure updated. History summary pt1 and pt2 added (need to finalise breadcrumb linking for these). Forced Y scroll bars in CSS to prevent left jump on scrolling pages. Last update text in footer now sourced from CSS. E&OE statement added to footer. All division headings updated. Footer width adjusted. Table for site links and spaced left to separate sitemap from blue border. Added current year JS to Header and divisions rather than fixed 2015
13-01-15 v10 Modified Footer layout. Header cell padding removed and changed in CSS with height and line-spacing. Added current year JS. Layout adjustments. Now conforms to transitional HTML5 except bordercolor for header
09-01-15 v7 Modified email contact code and now hide email address. CSS updated to include hover function to division links on index page (Analogous colour). Layout adjustments
07-01-15 v1 First full draft of new template for index and division index pages. New email contact code
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